The Fourth Dream: Horror Short Film Scheduled for Shooting

Trick or treat! With Twin Paws Productions, it’s a treat, and a spooky one! We are excited to announce the new short film project The Fourth Dream.

The horror short story soon to be filmed under the direction of Petra Tressler includes the stories of a group of neighbors who get together on Halloween eve and share their most haunting dreams. But when one of them reluctantly shares his scary dream, the unseen and unthinkable happens.

The film is scheduled to be shot in the final week of May 2020 in Orlando, Florida. It is a collaborative project between Twin Paws Productions and & Let’s Make a Movie, the Orlando-based independent filmmaking group. The main cast includes Michael Richartz, Shari Leigh, Annie Harmon, Jeremy Stoag Malone, Petra Tressler, and Teo Ciltia. Young artist Stephen Harmon and actress Stacey Corbett both make a special appearance in the movie.

The Fourth Dream is set to bring you Halloween chills before October this year. Are you ready?

Update: Due to unforeseen reasons, Jeremy Stoag Malone had to drop out of the movie’s cast and the shoot has to go without him. He was missed on the set.

The Fourth Dream from Ernest Dempsey on Vimeo.

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