‘A True Friend’ Getting Back its Original Title ‘Stinger Scott’

The second short film of Twin Paws Productions, A True Friend, is changing, or returning to what it once was – what it lost.

So what’s in a name anyways? A lot, if you give it a thought. It is not just a word or two but the key part of anyone’s or anything’s identity. So when it comes to names of movies, or titles, you want it to be as unique as possible. That is one way to stand out of the crowd. And that is where A True Friend is changing.

Since there have been quite a few other movies/productions by this title, Twin Paws Productions thinks its short film is better off with a unique name. Now the short film about friendship and academic fraud was originally to be made under the title “Stinger Scott” (Scott being the protagonist’s name in the story). However, the project found the new title “A True Friend” per the liking of the film’s first director – who would later leave the project owing to engagement with his other projects.

Now the project has finally been moved to lose it working title and revert to the original title. Thus A True Friend has again found its original name and as it is in post-production currently it will be released as Stinger Scott.

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