The Fourth Dream

The horror short film The Fourth Dream is a collaborative project between Twin Paws Productions and Let’s Make a Movie. It shows the get-together event of a group of neighbors who share their most haunting dreams on Halloween eve. This spooky film promises to surround you with the shivers of traditional Halloween atmosphere combined with an air of mystery and the paranormal.

The film was shot over the last weekend of May 2020 in Orlando, FL. It’s in post-production now.

Screenplay: Ernest Dempsey
Direction: Petra Tressler
Producers: Joe Costa & Denise Carey-Costa


Shari Leigh
Michael Richartz
Annie Harmon
Petra Tressler
Teo Ciltia
Jeremy Stoag Malone
Stacey Corbett
Stephen Harmon

Filming Location: Orlando area, Florida

Genre: Horror