Hail To May Fairyland: Twin Paws Productions Release First Song

Twin Paws Productions is excited to announce the release of its first solo Hail to My Fairyland. Ohio-based musician Kerry Kennard composed the music for the song with Ernest Dempsey as the lyricist.

With vocals by the emerging singer Anna, Hail to My Fairyland celebrates America in its beauty, history, and values. The title “Hail to My Fairyland” also makes the chorus of the song and reflects the celebratory mode of the song, which is patriotic in spirit.

The song was conceived in late 2016 and the lyrics were finalized by over the next year or so. For Kerry Kennard, who has been in the music-making world since the 1980s, it was a new experience composing music for it. In his words: “It is my first time writing a melody for voice, instead of instruments.”

Kennard praises Anna for doing great nailing the melody in specific sections of the song to go with his composition.

Hail to My Fairyland is distributed via the online music distributor CD Baby and is available at several popular music streaming services, including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Pandora. Listeners can stream the song on their choice streaming service off the HearNow page.

Twin Paws Productions has plans for possibly making a music video of the song at some point in time.

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