Twin Paws Productions Releases Short Film ‘Stinger Scott’

Twin Paws Productions is glad to announce the release of its first completed production Stinger Scott.

Directed and edited by Annie Harmon, the short film tells the story of two students whose friendship is put to test when the school administration suspects one of them is involved in academic fraud.


The 8 minute film, based on Ernest Dempsey’s screenplay, was shot in Houston area, Texas. The cast of the film includes Caleb Lee, Stephen Harmon, and Jennifer Hawkins. The film is posted online at

Viewers are encouraged to share the video link on their social media pages and share their thoughts on the message in the film.

Fun Facts

  • The film’s production was originally set for Orlando, Florida, with an Orlando-based cast and director planning to do the project. However the young student director in Orlando had to give up on the project due to his full plate of work and study routine.
  • The alternate title “A True Friend” was agreed on for some time while the project was planned for Florida. The final decision however settled on the original title “Stinger Scott” as the project shifted over to Texas.  
  • The original screenplay had only two characters—the two students—but as the project moved to Texas, director Annie Harmon suggested adding the Dean’s character (played by Jennifer Hawkins) and an extra scene showing her and Scott (Caleb Lee) in conversation.

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