New Short ‘The Emergency’ to Premier on Station 6

Twin Paws Productions has released its new short film The Emergency, directed by Mark Vegar.

The Emergency is a satirical take on the politics behind health emergencies. The plot of the movie takes three characters, two illegal migrant transporters who are about to drop an African migrant outside a migrant facility. But the declaration of a nationwide health emergency forces them to remain locked inside their car.

The three characters in the movie are played by actors Freya Crema, Tsitsi Mafuta, and Brian William Ranse who play the characters Helga, Shaleema, and Brad respectively.

The Emergency is an international collaboration with talent based in three different countries – Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The screenwriter Ernest Dempsey is based in the United States, the director Mark Vegar in Australia, and the editor Charlie Pennell in London, UK.

The film was shot in Australia in the second week of May and post-production was finalized in September. The movie premiers over the startup channel Station 6 that is aired via Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

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