Gen Z Conservative Features Kerry Kennard’s Interview on ‘Hail To My Fairyland’

Popular conservative news website Gen Z Conservative featured musician Kerry Kennard’s Interview about his work on the pro-America song Hail To My Fairyland.

Gen Z Conservative noted that one of the latest patriotic songs Hail To My Fairyland by Twin Paws Productions champions American values and celebrates the American values of justice, love, and liberty.

As cited in the interview post, Kennard told that Hail to my Fairyland was a new experience to him for being the first song of his career with lyrics. The Ohio-based musician said:

I‘ve done all instrumentals, so Hail to my Fairyland is the first Song with lyrics.

Collaborating on the music project, Kennard took the lyrics and concept of Ernest Dempsey and saw to it through creating the music, finding the singer, and finishing the mix/mastering.

Project Red Wall picked and reposted the Gen Z Conservative post of Kennard’s interview.

The song, distributed via CD Baby, is available for on all major music streaming services via

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